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RHPC Membership

Joining RHPC

Redwood Hills Pony Club takes on new members in January, depending on how many spots are available. We don't keep a waitlist, but rather ask that interested riders contact us by email in late October if they are interested in joining for the following calendar year. The enrollment process begins in mid-November and runs through December.​


To join, riders must be able to walk and trot safely in a group. Our arena is small and very busy, so we require beginning riders to be in group lessons so they know how to navigate a busy arena safely. We also require riders to ride at least one day per week in addition to riding with Pony Club. These lessons do not have to be taken at Skyline Ranch, which hosts Pony Club.

Youth members should be aged 10 and above. Members 12 and under are required to have parental supervision during club meetings. 


Membership is based on many factors, including the rider’s level, how many slots we have available at that level, and if we have a suitable lesson-horse for the rider’s ability (if the rider does not already own or lease a suitable horse). Skyline Ranch graciously lets us use their facilities and their lesson-horses and we must balance the needs of the Ranch with the needs of the club.


Annual Dues & Fees

Annual membership costs for Pony Clubbers are paid for the period January 1 through December 31. Costs listed below are expected to increase year to year, and include all national, regional, and local dues, as well as new member materials and fees. These dues & fees cover mounted instruction and, when possible, dismounted instruction.


2024 Renewing Member dues & fees are expected to be $545

2024 New Member dues & fees are expected to be $625


Other Costs

All members are expected to provide food and drinks for four meetings per year. 


Additional costs for each activity are the responsibility of members – these fees may include: horse rental, training, rallies, ratings, championships, and any other event requiring a horse, plus trailering fees.

Volunteer Roles

RHPC cannot exist without member and family involvement. Families are expected to volunteer a minimum of 20-hours per year in one of the many volunteer capacities available including: fund-raising, meetings, administration, activities and events. Volunteer jobs are available for all kinds of skills and interests (including non-horse types!). In addition to the 20-volunteer hours, each family is also required to serve as Adult-in-Charge (AIC) at four meetings per year. An AIC is a parent helper who brings snacks and performs a set of duties to ensure the local meeting runs smoothly.

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